AZA SKY products

Since the introduction of the word “Drone” radio-controlled equipment have become the front line of technological innovation. AZA SKY has developed “Drones” either for the simple pleasure of piloting as much as the ever growing interest in cinematographic and industrial applications..

Aza Sky & Dive products are distributed by Mako Services Ltda
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Survey Helycopter Align 700

Active image stabilizer specifically developed for Canon Camera

Size: 1500 mm x 500mm
Autonomy: 12 min
Payload: 1.2kg

Photo and video recording in open areas.

Hexacóptero Dji s800

Customized Hexacopter for Lumix G4 camera

Active Three Axes Gimbal

Size: 800 mm
Autonomy: 8 min.
Payload: 850g

Video recording up to 800m distance


Hexacopter for inspection/video recording with GOPRO cameras

Active Two axes Gimbal
Air navigation assisted by GPS – Auto Home function.
Total image stabilizing.

Size: 600 mm
Autonomy: 12 min
Payload: 350g

Inspection/Video recording of buildings, structures, antennas & others.

Flight shooting at waterfall


Ultralight Quadricopter
Video camera 700 TVL with video link

Size: 600 mm
Autonomy: 22 min
Payload: 250g

Robust equipment for Learning and Training


12 volts widescreen monitor with two receptors 5.4 giga for video link
Exclusive glasses for FPV
Video recorder

Size: 1.500 mm x 500 mm
Autonomy: 6 Hours
Channels: 3 and 4

Land Station matches any of our drone models