is the result of a thirty year experience of its founder and partner, Mr. Aza, in professional diving and subsea intervention, jointly with the ten year commercial experience in the Brazilian Offshore market of its consultant and distributor, Eduardo Rocha. AZA is born with the Mission to develop innovative solutions in electronics for remote operations, either aerial or submarine..

Our focus is electronics with application for:

Professional Diving, ROV, Survey, air and underwater Navigation Systems, data transmitting, underwater cameras and lights, tele-robotics and prototyping.
Our facility hosts an Electronic Lab, Numeric Controlled Milling Machine and Lathe, Router CNC and home-made 3D Printers..
Our team consists in two electronic technicians and a cybernetic scientist.

We perform Engineering, Project, Prototyping and Fabrication.

We are stablished in Rio de Janeiro City and achieve a 70% local content in average.


Where our talent and vocation cross with the demands of an integrated and fast evolving world, this is where AZA will be.
- The best contribution AZA can offer to the market can only be achieved by constant interaction with our clients and employees.
- Chasing innovative ideas by studding the most up to date technologies allow us to conceive non seen solutions.
- Our main capital is Human Capital
- Our most valuable solutions are those guided by the conscience that we part of a global environment that approaches its limits due to intense economical exploration.
- Only intense application of technical and scientific knowledge will be able to overcome the challenges of a planet that needs to sustainable generate and distribute wealth to billions of people.