The equipment developed in our facility have the most up to date Numeric Control Systems, allowing low costs and fast execution.

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Router CNC - Laser

CNC Router with servant engines
Spindle 2.2kw – Laser 2.8w
To cut Carbon Fiber, Gears, Frames

Size: 800mm x 550mm
Consumption: 1.5 Kw
Software: Mach 3

Usable Area: 500mm x 620mm; 22000 RPM Spindles;
Laser diode for engraving and cutting;
Fourth Axis for cylinders engraving.

Manual Mach 3 Manual in Italian -> Mach3 Ita

Laser Manual -> Laser 445nm

Cutting gear - Laser


Built with 12mm aluminum linear guides to assure perfect alignment and maximum precision in the parts created.
Controlled injector for 1,7 PLA extrusion.

Side: 560mm x 620mm x 560mm
Controller: Azteeg X3
Injector: Monofilo PLA 1,75 mm.
Glass extrusion table, with usable area of 300mm x 300mm;
Max Print Speed: 90mm/s

3D Printer


Built in aluminum and Carbon Fiber with 12mm linear guides.
Innovative design, with extrusion table that moves through X and Y axes, avoiding axis Z arm vibration.
The injector arm allows up to five home-made injectors.
Patent Pending – Industrial Design

Side: 700mm x 400mm x 600mm
Controller: Azteeg X5 - pro
Injectos: up to 5 colors in PLA 1,75mm.
Extrusion Table in glass with usable area of 300mm x 300 mm;
Max Printing Speed: 120mm/s